Betco Hard As Nails Floor Finish

Image of Betco Hard As Nails Floor Finish


Betco Hard As Nails floor finish has a unique chemistry that results in a high-gloss, long-wearing finish that cures faster than any other metal-interlock finish.

This floor finish utilizes highly durable, internally cross-linked polymers blended to achieve a harder floor finish film. In fact, Hard As Nails offers the hardest finish film (50% harder than other industry-leading finishes according to Betco tests) with superior wearing and non-scuffing properties. It resists dirt embedment, prolonging the time between strippings and reducing maintenance costs.

Hard As Nails can be used on resilient tile, terrazzo, and marble floors. This finish is the perfect labor-saving advantage for educational, healthcare, and retail facilities that want to avoid unsightly traffic patterns and yellow-looking floors, but have little or no time for floor burnishing.

Hard As Nails can be used for low (burnishing once or less per week) or medium (burnishing three times per week) maintenance applications.