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  • Specifically formulated for the tough cleaning needs of institutions and industrial cleaning settings
  • Use to provide a safe and germ-free environment
  • Contains no phosphates and is EPA-registered, and NSF approved with 27 CDC approved germ-kill claims
  • Dilution ratio: 6 oz. to 1 gallon of water
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Trash bags

24 x 32  (0.35 mil)

24 x 32  (0.5 mil)

24 x 32  (1.0 mil)

24 x 33  (.6 mil)

24 x 33  (.8 mil)

33 x 39 (1.5 mil)

30 x 36 (10 microns)

30 x 36 (13 microns)

43 x 47 (1.5 mil)

43 x 47 (2.0 mil)

38 x 58 (1.0 mil)

38 x 58 (1.5 mil)

38 x 58 (2.0 mil)

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Husky 319 Everyday Non- Acid

Economical, non-acid disinfectant spray cleaner can be used on a variety of restroom surfaces including tile, toilet bowls, urinals, sinks, and more. Pleasant fragrance leaves the area smelling fresh and clean. EPA-registered as a Broad Spectrum Disinfectant cleaning product.

Dye-free option is available.

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GlanHealth Wipes

GlanHealth™ All Purpose Surface Wipes are a safe and easy-to-use surface treatment . GlanHealth™ All Purpose Surface Wipes offer extended protection for up to 28 days per single application. GlanHealth™ All Purpose Surface Wipes form a strong bond with any surface, creating a powerful shield that provides extended protection .

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GlanHealth Surface Complete

Effectively cleans and protects. GlanHealth Advanced Surface Complete forms a strong bond with any surface, making a powerful shield that provides extended protection.

  • Cleans and Deodorizes with Powerful Protection
  • Non-hazardous
  • Effective on All Surfaces and Fabrics
  • Lasts Up To 28 Days
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Chase Disinfectant Spray

Champion Sprayon® Spray Disinfectant kills cold and flu viruses and many other germs on hard, nonporous, inanimate surfaces, and kills HIV-1 (AIDS virus) on precleaned environmental surfaces or objects previously soiled with blood and body fluids. Also effective against fungi such as Trichophyton mentagrophytes (causes of ringworm or athlete’s foot), in appropriate areas. Prevents mold and mildew on hard surfaces. Can be used on soft surfaces.

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Doodle Scrub

Small But Mighty Cleaning Power

The Doodle Scrub EBG-9 is a small size floor scrubber machine available in cord or battery-powered versions. Featuring the same cleaning power as our bigger machines, the Doodle Scrub can reach into tighter spaces- perfect for bathrooms, edges, storage closets, and workstations. Weighing in at only 21 pounds, the Doodle Scrub by Square Scrub is ideal for compact cleaning jobs, or to provide deeper detail after using one of our larger commercial scrubbing machines. Even though the Doodle Scrub is lightweight and small floor scrubber, it packs a punch, delivering the same pounds per square inch power as the EBG-20/C! Whether you prefer a corded, or battery-operated machine, there is a Doodle Scrub for you!

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