Restroom Cleaning Reimagined!

With restrooms getting the biggest complaints, a solution should be considered. At Wheeler’s Janitorial Supplies and Equipment, Inc, we’ve found the right solution for your organization.

Even before the threat of COVID-19, restrooms brought in the most complaints from building occupants. That alone tells us that there is a problem with restroom cleaning. Even though restrooms are clearly not being cleaned effectively, somehow, they are still costing more to maintain than any other room. Restrooms consume 60 percent of all supplies in a building, and they present the greatest risk for slip-and-fall accidents. Professional cleaners are waging a seemingly impossible war against restroom filth. With our equipment and products it doesn’t have to be this way. Attached is a link to an article published in Clean Link that talks about the importance of restroom cleaning and highlights a tool that every facility should have. We currently have these in stock and we are doing demos upon request. We look forward to hearing from you.–61420?utm_source=CLinsider

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